Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Speed, Freedom and The Open Road

Motorcycles Motorcycles Motorcycles, the last bastion of freedom and self expression in a world of nanny states and cotton wool. Its such a shame that so many are ridden by absolute idiots!!!
Now don't get me wrong, I love bikes and some of my friends ride them (I had a go once myself too) but its not hard to see why so many kill themselves. Some of the riding I witnessed whilst walking around on the Ace reunion on Sunday was atrocious, filter through traffic by all means but at high speed!!

News on the blogging front is that the Brighton Stig has decided to wimp out and give up because "The Company" contacted him in an attempt to discover his identity.
I however will continue to tell it as it is and won't be swayed by "info-lies" or the weekly"noticeboards" weak attempts at the stifling of free speech and self expression!!

It is with some regret that I have to announce that a long standing driver at Conway street after years of getting at "The Company", causing them grief and even a short time in the union attempting to right wrongs has been asked to move on... , the final straw was placed on the donkeys back, when, one more pleb, filled with unrighteous indignation, stepped over the mark and pushed this poor driver into confrontation. You might have thought that "The Company" would have backed this driver but no, the Customer(Mr French's term, not mine) is always right.


Monday, 3 September 2007

Where Have all the Buses Gone?

I am told from reliable sources that Conway garage is a bit short these days, of drivers and buses!
Between 10 and 15 buses where reportedly off the road from Conway on Monday and Tuesday this week . A combination of lead swingers, summer holidays and defect vehicles.

If only all the fitters at " The Company" could be relied upon to do work on the vehicles to a sufficient standard as to keep them on the road! How often have you seen a fault get reported and the vehicle is consistently put back on the road with either a temporary fix or none at all?
That is until the problem becomes a bigger problem and the vehicle has to be taken of the road. I think a zero tolerance policy is called for, whereby any problem, however small, is fixed properly first time. Before long all the Buses would be in excellent condition and only in need of servicing as per schedule.(have I just answered my own question?).

As for the drivers themselves.... how often has the tired old excuse of "I'm Stressed" been rolled out as an explanation of their absenteeism? Stress is what you get in the trenches of WW1 or driving an not-so armored vehicle down the roads of Iraq!! You certainly don't get real stress driving a bus in Brighton!! Pissed off maybe, annoyed certainly, but stressed? I don't think so.

It was my misfortune today to be in the London Road at Preston Park, have you seen those freeloading scum at the site where the the trees once where and a building is soon to be?
"BEEB your horn if you agree with us" one of the signs says, I thought yeah right, and drive by quietly if you think we should get a bath, a job and stop taking from society and start giving something back!! Bloody tree huggers should get a life!! (and learn how to spell).