Saturday, 6 October 2007


It appears the personality of the month (what a joke!) left B+H a few years ago after his honesty was brought into question by "The Management".

You have to laugh.....

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

I Really Want to Kill Someone

A pedestrian most probably, or a T*x* driver or a cyclist.

Bloody pedestrians sauntering along without a care in the the goddamn ROAD!!! Get on the pavement, for god's sake. Roads are for vehicles, pavements are for pedestrians.
I happened to get very close to knocking one down yesterday, they stepped out in the road, not looking, I sounded my horn, they turned and gave ME a dirty look!! They were the one in the f***ing wrong place.

Came across a cyclist , cycling Northbound in the Southbound BUS LANE!! jeez do they all have a death wish? You know, one even stopped at a red light the other day, shocked the hell out of me.

Taxis, every day, illegal u-turns, bad parking, stopping suddenly without indication (it seems the only time indicators are used by Taxis are when their hazards are on, usually stopped in the most awkward places!) It takes a special kind of dick to drive a Taxi (just like a 49 I suppose). Is it true you get a free lobotomy with your Taxi license?

Come on people, get a grip, we all have to share the roads, if you treat other road users with respect eventually you might get some in return.