Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Speed, Freedom and The Open Road

Motorcycles Motorcycles Motorcycles, the last bastion of freedom and self expression in a world of nanny states and cotton wool. Its such a shame that so many are ridden by absolute idiots!!!
Now don't get me wrong, I love bikes and some of my friends ride them (I had a go once myself too) but its not hard to see why so many kill themselves. Some of the riding I witnessed whilst walking around on the Ace reunion on Sunday was atrocious, filter through traffic by all means but at high speed!!

News on the blogging front is that the Brighton Stig has decided to wimp out and give up because "The Company" contacted him in an attempt to discover his identity.
I however will continue to tell it as it is and won't be swayed by "info-lies" or the weekly"noticeboards" weak attempts at the stifling of free speech and self expression!!

It is with some regret that I have to announce that a long standing driver at Conway street after years of getting at "The Company", causing them grief and even a short time in the union attempting to right wrongs has been asked to move on... , the final straw was placed on the donkeys back, when, one more pleb, filled with unrighteous indignation, stepped over the mark and pushed this poor driver into confrontation. You might have thought that "The Company" would have backed this driver but no, the Customer(Mr French's term, not mine) is always right.



Jacko! said...

Talk about motorcyclists! i beleive they do it on purpose!

leebus said...

Jeffs' situation speaks volumes on the feelings of a majority whom take abuse everyday and their patience is pushed to the limit that a least one driver will blow over the edge oneday and lose it.i find it a shame that these things aren't publicised in a way of finding out public feeling over it.Anti-socail behaviour is on the increase and getting more violent all the time,this sort of thing we will hear about more often in the next few years i bet.

Inspector Blakey said...

Rightly said! Why should we fear our employers over our RIGHT to express our thoughts out loud.

Go for it....and burn Info-lie.

Anonymous said...

Who is Mr. French?