Tuesday, 6 November 2007

What a pain in the arse driving round the SWC is..

"look missus I don't care how long you have been standing at this stop (the wrong one) for I ain't opening the doors 'cause this bus doesn't STOP HERE"

Despite being stuck in an eight bus long queue to get into Castle Square.

Anyone see the Argus? 20 MPH limit! If only I could get up to that speed, what with bloody delivery lorries strewn all along North St and Western Rd. It really pisses me off when people write in to the newspaper without a fookin clue as to how difficult the job is. I don't know about you but when was the last time you saw a bus travelling at a "ridiculous" speed (other than 1mph crawl) And I NEVER go through a red light unless it is dangerous to stop quickly because of the stupid old git with walking stick/shopping trolley/zimmer frame who insists on walking to the front of the bus whilst its moving despite their virtual inability to even stand up properly!!

I am feeling particularly vitriolic at the moment so look out


leebus said...
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leebus said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Lee.
Ranting now and again I think is fine, but if thats all a blog is to be used for then its not worth it.

Billy said...

where is the wraith?

Mark said...

Typical mental busdriver.