Sunday, 12 August 2007

To Many People?

So, it occurs to me, as I struggled once again to get in and out of the Old Steine Bus Stops this weekend, that someday soon the number of visitors to Brighton must have to drop. Why? Because surely to god if you don't live in Brighton and you came for a daytrip/weekend after struggling to get into the town, in a snails pace traffic queue, and then struggling at the end of the day/weekend to get out again , in the same snail paced traffic queue, that you might possibly, just maybe, not ever come again , at least in your car. What drives these mad people to sit for hours on end in barely moving traffic queues? Can't be the beach, its not even sand.The shops? same as everywhere else, perhaps its a subconscious thing..."the sun is out, must drive to Brighton, must drive to Brighton..."

Its the look of absolute annoyance on the drivers faces as the bus finally manages to squeeze out of the Old Steine bus stop and then positively zooms past the traffic in the bus lane up to St Peters church.

I notice that despite the councils' "We get 10 people a day caught in the Bus lanes, paying a fine" bragging, (10 !! I could catch that many in an hour) lots of people have started to use St Peters Bus lane to bypass incoming traffic.

Whilst I am on the subject of breaking traffic rules don't you think its about time we had cameras on the yellow boxes in the town? Bottom of North Street is always blocked on a Saturday and Sunday evening, Cheapside/London Road junction, every evening from 4 'til 6 and Sundays 'til 8!! £20 fine for blocking, it would pay for the new stadium in a weekend!!

Still the view as I crawl along the seafront couldn't get any better!!


Jacko! said...

Boo! i think you're the driver i ment who was polish! Once at night i were on the last Patcham 5 and me susspects you were driving it, at the Graham Avenue stop i pointed to your GPS and said what does that mean ( -0.0) and suspectedly you replyed Ahh Bang on time you were talking to someone else as well. I have seen odd siteings of "you" around the town too - Last 2 at Night from Rottingdean/Woodingdean - Worthing Pear or Shoreham!

Blighton Grove said...

jacko,your obviously a bright,enthusiastic and keen bus boy,but might i just add that we do this as a job and if you do meet anyone anon or hiding behind a shield then please don't rumble them.i like ya blog by the way and the Wraith must go on.