Thursday, 9 August 2007

Sussex County Card

Pensioners, mmmm, now what is it with them and their pathological inability to tear off a ticket?

Its not hard, really its not, just grasp the ticket lightly, twixt finger and thumb and pull gently towards you. TOWARDS YOU!! Not to the top or bottom or sides, straight towards you.

You would think that some of them are expecting to land a Marlin or Spearfish, the way they take hold of the ticket and pull.I don't know what they expect to gain by grabbing on and pulling for all their might (even the little old frail ones)

I had one the other day, got half a ticket roll out before I stopped her, FOR GODS SAKE if it doesn't tear off why the F**K keep pulling !!??

Oh and Lord help us if you have a vehicle with steps, 5 minutes of puffing and straining,(you would think they were climbing Everest) followed by 2 minutes of looking for their Countycard, grabbing a ticket, screwing up the machine for the next persons ticket, then bitching about it, all the time the bus behind with the low floor and pneumatic step gets ever closer, and you still have it all again when they get off.
Its not like they are in a rush, they have got all day to annoy Bus drivers and checkout girls alike!!

While we are on the subject, whats with the people giving out these Countycards anyway? Its quite clear to me and my colleagues that the piss is being mightily taken here.
We have 20 somethings that sprint for the bus, leap on board, thrust their card in your face and ask for a free one its clear they are neither old or incapable.
WHY has it been deemed that they are suitable for a free travel card? I sure don't know!!


J.Bond said...

it's a conspiracy man

Buncha said...

Our version of the county card in London is called the Freedom pass. There are two types, one for the elderly and one for the disabled. There are so many fit looking young people classed as disabled. You even qualify if you cannot speak English which is ridiculous.